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Benefits Of The Study Of History Essay

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Below is an essay on "Benefits Of The Study Of History" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Generally speaking, history is the study of the past, with special attention to   activities of human beings over time. Someone argues that history provides a unique perspective for   us to understand ourselves inside and matters outside. Someone   insists that history is useless since dramatical changes in people's lives. Then what is the benefits of the study of history? It needs to be examined carefully, thus I suggest that   the author's assertion is too extreme.

It is true that people in one period of time are not siginificantly different from people who lived at any other time. Human nature nearly remains the same over time. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we have physiological needs, safety needs, belonging needs, also, we pursue esteem and self-actualization. Basically, it well describes human's desires. What we have learned from history is these desires have been performed by various forms of human activities, such as dynasty subrogation, wars and achievements in literal arts and science.

From the research of dynasty replacement in history, through investigating its innate impetus, we can find how the society works and which   method is relatively more effective to develop a healthy society or a nation. For example, to analyze the establishment of Qin Dynasty   make us realize the importance of uniform standards of weights and measures and the influence of legal regulations.   Also, to investigate the history of wars, we can know their causes either for the greedy of power or pusuit of equality, we can know their distrous effects on humanity or how a new society   system been built through wars. Thus, it is helpful to avoid similar tragedy occure again, which can be demonstrated by the conception of United Nations. In addition, when we search achievements in literal arts and science in history, it helps us to identify who we are and enhance the recognition of ourselves.

However, history is not omnipotent. With the increasingly technical...

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