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Big Bang Essay

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Sir Fred Hoyle, who died on Aug 20, was one of the world's greatest astronomers. He gained much publicity latterly for his claims that new strains of bacteria and viruses are not of terrestrial origin but come from outer space. This opinion, together with his robust and forthright attack on the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, have somewhat eclipsed his tremendous achievements in astrophysics.

As a child he was fascinated by the stars, and his first scientific papers were on the origin of stellar energy. World War II took him away from St John's College, Cambridge, to work on technical projects for the Admiralty. Here he met new collaborators, Tommy Gold and Hermann Bondi, and in spare moments they discussed theories of the universe. By 1948 they were ready to propound a new "steady state" theory of cosmology, which proposed that the universe was infinitely old and therefore without any prior "creation event". This theory was in stark contrast to the accepted view that the universe had started in a huge explosion. Hoyle developed the steady state theory with passion and punch. By the 1950s some of his new ideas could be tested through the emerging science of radio astronomy, which was capable of detecting galaxies at very great distances. In the steady state theory, the voids between galaxies due to the expansion of the universe were to be filled with new galaxies created for the purpose. And so, the distant parts of the universe should look more or less the same as the local neighbourhood. That was not what the Cambridge radio telescopes were finding, and famously this led to bitter confrontations between Hoyle and radio astronomer Martin Ryle.

By the mid-1960s the steady state theory was effectively ruled out when radio engineers at Bell Telephone's laboratories in New Jersey discovered faint radio waves uniformly from every part of the sky. This was interpreted as heat radiation left over from the fireball of the Big Bang, now greatly...

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