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Big Fish Essay

  • Submitted by: hannahrocks1264
  • on March 1, 2011
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Hannah Gallagher
English Big Fish
Mrs. Stratton

The Big Fish is about William and Edward Bloom, William writes about is fathers life as tall tails. In this book Edward and William both face many adversities, like Edward having to help an old lady get her glass eye back and when it snows in Alabama.
There are many differences and Similarities between “The Day He Was Born” and “The Day I Was Born,” they are:
The similarities between these two chapters are in each chapter something big and exciting happens, for example when Edward was born it rained for the first time in a long time, and for William Auburn baseball time won. Also in each chapter someone is born. In the day he was born Edward was born and in the day I was born William was born. Lastly both Edward and William were both born in the state of Alabama.
Along with similarities comes differences in each chapter. The differences in these two chapters are Edward was born on the driest summer in 40 years and William was born on a wet summers day also, when Edward was born it rain for the first time in 40 years   and when William was born the Auburn baseball team won for the first time. Lastly the way the describe the mothers while they are pregnant is different Edwards mom was said to be as big as a country and Williams mom was said to be as big as a house.

These are just a few similarities and differences between “The Day I was Born” and “The Day He Was Born”, like were they were born and how big the mothers were. There are more then just these but the point is Edward and William are two difference people with two different personalities.

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