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Bill wayson Essay

  • Submitted by: glitznglimmer320
  • on December 8, 2008
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I found Dr. Bill Wayson talk to be very informative and insightful.   I strongly agree with much of what Dr. Wayson spoke about, especially in regards to ignorance as learned factor in school.   I feel that so often teachers are rushed through lessons and classroom activities due to increased demands placed upon them.   I think that as teachers we must always teach what we know and not what we don’t.   While this statements sound so simplistic, it’s really being lost in the world of teaching.   While trying to keep up with testing standards and needs of students, we as teachers must make sure that we are not creating ignorant thinkers.   As teachers we must accept that we don’t have all the answers and that just like students, we are constantly learning.  
When Dr. Wayson was speaking, I couldn’t help but to relate what he was saying to the book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.   In this book Lowen analyzes American history courses and textbooks to find that they are filled with downright false claims.   I just felt that this truly touched on exactly what Dr. Wayson was speaking on when referring to the spreading of ignorance.  
Dr. Wayson didn’t touch on this, but I think that this ignorance has a lot to do with a cultural ignorance.     Often times, I feel that our education system is favored towards white privileged students.   I think when being conscious educators, we must take this into account in our teaching and try to educate with a greater world view.  
In his speech, Dr. Wayson also spoke about teacher student relations and how to open your classroom for more effective learning.   He talked about not embarrassing a student, but in turn seeking alternate ways of getting your message across.   This is something that we have touched on throughout the course, but something I feel to be very important.   I think its imperative that as teachers we think about what our actions have the power to do.   At the elementary level, we are shaping how students feel...

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