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Binge Drinking Essay

  • Submitted by: koryb17
  • on December 3, 2008
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Around campus there are many dilemmas that are apparent. Eating disorders, racism, and procrastination are some visible obstacle. Even though these are clearly evident, the worst and most notorious problem is binge drinking. Binge drinking, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is “a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s BAC (blood alcohol level) to .08 grams percent or above” (Quick Stats). Most sources define this as drinking four or five beers, depending on one’s sex, in one sitting. Most colleges around America have strict policy against alcohol on campus. They do not allow residents to bring alcohol or any other substances on campus or in dorms. Even with these guidelines, it is as Dr. Turner, University of Virginia’s director of student health, says, “virtually impossible to keep alcohol away from underage students” (Wilson). Binge drinking is a serious problem in this world. Laws need to be put in place to help stop this problem from getting bigger than it is already. In order for this to happen though, first we must identify what the crisis is and explain it. We are going to talk about the cause and effects of bingeing, the differences between bingers and alcoholics, and also stories about bingeing and the harms of it.
90 percent of students under 21 across America binge drink. On the other hand, at the University of Virginia 27 percent of the students don’t even drink. This staggering fact is because of people like Matthew White. This 21 year old fraternity boy is an affiliate of the Center for Alcohol and Substance Education at UVA. He was interviewed by Brenda Wilson for Nation Public Radio’s take on college drinking. White claims to have his biggest “wake-up call” in the spring of 2007.   At Virginia there is a huge annual occasion that every student attends. It is called the “Foxfield Races.” Everyone begins drinking early in the morning and continues until later that night. Also during this time fraternities and...

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