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Bingo Essay

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Last week we learned that in order to be a follower of Christ, we should submit our lives to God’s plan.   We have discussed the importance of prayer, which is us speaking to God. This week, we will discuss the necessity of listening to God’s truth, which should be us actively reading and engaging the Bible.

Setting the Scene
Once again we find Jesus praying before a major event.   In Luke’s gospel, when Jesus prays, something significant usually follows.   In this case, you have what is called the transfiguration where Jesus talks to Moses and Elijah about what He must accomplish in Jerusalem.   The incident concludes with God the Father instructing Peter, John, and James to listen to Jesus, His Son the Messiah.

Daily Study
Day 1 Luke 9:28-31, Fulfilling God’s Plan
The glorious appearance of Moses and Elijah happens while Jesus is praying.   Their mission appears to be one of affirmation.   They are there to reinforce Jesus' conviction that he must go to Jerusalem and face rejection and death.   This was not a new plan, however, but was the fulfillment of something God had planned much earlier.   Father, thank you for your constant faithfulness to your promises.

Day 2 Luke 9:32-34, A Time for Silence
We can probably identify with Peter…   He wakes up and sees a once-in-a-lifetime event and does not know what to do or say.   Humility and awe would suggest that he remain silent and take his cue from Jesus.   Instead, Peter talks when it is really a time of silence. However, his impertinent and shallow comments are put in their place as the event humbles him.   Reverence, awe, and listening are the proper responses to a glorious glimpse of Jesus in all of his glory!   Father, forgive my desire to speak when I should be silent.

Day 3 Luke 9:35-36, Only One
The Law and the Prophets were revered in Israel.   They represented the heart of God's communication with his people, Israel.   But, God has spoken to us most clearly through his Son and we must...

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