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biography Essay

  • Submitted by: robbii
  • on December 10, 2008
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IS THAT HER? HER FACE IS SOFT AND INVITING, LIKE IN THE PICTURE but the hair seems--what?--flatter somehow. Still, she is dynamite in that skimpy black dress, and she's coming closer, the dress filmy, revealing. God, it is her. Has to be. I raise my eyes in greeting and turn toward her, rising off my bar stool here at the restaurant where we're to meet. Visions of the date flit before me, the small talk over mood-lightening drinks, the lovely dinner filled with laughter and confidences, the stroll along the river while we murmur intimacies in the evening air, and then, well, who knows. The future sparkles with possibility, I'm nearly shivering with eagerness as this sexy thing approaches, the sort folds of her dress seducing me with every step.
      But for some reason she doesn't register my gaze. What's this? Doesn't she recognize me from my photo? My eyes latch on to hers. I'm standing now, ready to offer up my name, shake her hand. But, no, she's looking past me, to another man, one at the other end of the bar. Clooney-esque, sharply dressed, younger than me. He smiles broadly at her. She gives him a joyful shout and hurries to him, heels clicking, leaving me with nothing but a few wisps of her perfume as she passes by. I settle back down onto my stool, take a bracing gulp of my Chianti, and resume my wait.
      Here's an idea for finding the woman of your dreams: Lure a total stranger to an expensive restaurant for a cozy tête-à-tête and then, after a decent interval, ask her if, by any chance, she'd be interested in beginning preliminary discussions regarding matrimony. With you, for example. Sound a little… random? Well, that's online dating for you. Or at least for me, as a guy who doesn't consider it just an escort service with a low monthly charge. You have so little to go on! You can't distinguish the women you don't know from the ones you supposedly do. It brings home all those grim sociological truths about our atomized Information Age, in which...

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