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Biology Essay

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Below is an essay on "Biology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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  1) During DNA replication, DNA is copied resulting in two identical DNA molecules created from one strand.
  2) Each double helix consists of an old and new strand.
  3) First, the strands begin to unwind under a replication fork.
  4) Second, new nucleotide bases receive complementary pairs.
  5) Third, polymerase links up with free, matched nucleotide phosphates.
  6)   Last, the new DNA strand grows until replication is complete, the process is completed at the replication fork.
  7) Helicase enzyme separates DNA strands
  8) Polymerase link up free floating nucleotides
  9) Growth of organisms, repairing damaged cells, replacing damaged cells.
  10)   Combination of DNA and proteins that make up chromosomes
  11)   Organized building of DNA and protein that is found in cells
  12)   Spends majority of time preparing for cell division, increases size and makes a copy of its DNA
  13)   Eukaryotic cell separates chromosomes in nucleus to create two identical nuclei
  14)   Two sets of identical nuclei are created
  15)   Process in cytoplasm when a eukaryotic cell is divided to form two daughter cells
  16)   A cell plate is formed during cytokinesis in a plant cell
  17)   Prophase: Chromatin condenses together to form chromosomes, replicated chromosomes have two sister chomotids bound together by a centromere. Centromere is a structure located near the nucleus created by centrioles. Two centromeres form to create a spindle. [pic]
  18)   Metaphase: centromeres of the chromosomes convene along the equator creating an imaginary line that is equidistant from the poles. Chromosomes proper separation requires alignment of the spindle fibers or known as microtubules. [pic]
  19)   Sister chromotids that formed to create sister chromosomes are pulled together by microtubules. [pic]
  20)   A nuclear membrane is formed around the chromosomes, both sets of chromosomes fold back into chromotids and mitosis is complete[pic]
  21)   Causes...

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