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Biology Political Letter To Mayor

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Dear mayor,
  If the problem hasn’t been noticed yet, you’re in for a huge awakening.  
  There have been reoccurring abundances of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in the atmosphere from cars, power plants, and natural processes. This has resulted in more heat being trapped in Earth and reflected back, known has the greenhouse effect. Earth’s temperature is continuing to increase more from the myriad of greenhouse gases which have led to a conflicting problem: GLOBAL WARMING.
  We, the BIO SOCIETY OF AMERICA, have a plan to get the word out about global warming. We plan to inform and bring evidence and attention to the community about the increasing fossil fuels and CO2 and the effects it will have on us, especially from the power plant nearby that is harming our local environment.
  With the help of you any many others, people can start to think twice about what they are doing to increase the amount of greenhouse gases, and hopefully start new ways of helping the environment and obtain alternative energy sources.
  We, and most importantly the COMMUNITY need YOUR HELP to take the first steps in ENDING GLOBAL WARMING and the SPREAD OF GREENHOUSE GASES!!!
Remember, this is not just a community impact; it is a universal problem which will harm the ENTIRE WORLD!   It’s the PEOPLE that have harmed the environment, and we have the power to change it!


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