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Bipolar Essay

  • Submitted by: srfatwwm
  • on January 2, 2009
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It is a delicate subject to speak of, but one that undoubtedly exists. A dictionary’s definition of insanity is “a relatively permanent disorder of the mind.” Unfortunately, mental diseases are often quite like that. They might seem to go away, but they will last throughout a person’s entire lifetime. What do you see when you think of people with mental illnesses? Do you imagine the popular Hollywood image of a screaming, strait-jacketed inmate in a dingy insane asylum? Or do you envision a regular, everyday sort of person, the kind you might see at Wal-Mart or the park? While the former image is certainly what comes to mind for most people, the latter is closer to the truth.
One mental disorder that people often think of is schizophrenia. While this illness only affects about one-percent of America’s population, –and perhaps even less than that-it is one of the most talked about mental disorders. Also, there have been countless books on the subject of schizophrenia. While most people associate it with having multiple personalities, hearing nonexistent voices, and violent behavior, that definition is only partially true. People with this illness may hear voices or hallucinate, though auditory problems seem to be much more common. One common form of the disorder is ‘Paranoid Schizophrenia’, in which the victim believes that he or she is being stalked or that all their thoughts are being recorded. One common attitude about this disease is that its victims are prone to violence. While the victims may have a higher risk for suicide, that statement is not true. Schizophrenics are usually quiet and reclusive, certainly not aggressive and violent. However, there are some schizophrenic people who do have violent tendencies. While this disease does seem to be hereditary, there is, like many other mental disorders, no universal cause of it.
Another well-known illness that is often found in schizophrenics and many other people is ‘Bipolar Disorder.’ This disease, also...

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