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Bipolar Disorder Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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The musical masterpiece, Handel’s Messiah, was the brilliant work of George Frederick Handel.   The classic was written in merely six weeks. Hundreds of years ago,   Handel had never heard of it, but he suffered from bipolar disorder. The list of gifted artist, writers and composers that have and still suffer from manic-depressive illness is long.   According to Kay Redfield, professor of psychology at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, the incidence is ten to twenty times greater among creative people than just the normal population (Lewis 26).   This is not to say that regular people are not afflicted with the disorder.   One to four percent of the general population suffer from this illness that produces what can, in simple terms be called “mood swings” (Kuenning 1). The illness can be characterized by unpredictable periods of hyperactive thinking and behavior with elevated moods, followed by periods of depression and despair. (Kuenning 1).   This long-term condition can greatly disrupt a person’s life.   Untreated the suicide rate can be as high as fifteen percent (Lewis 26).   There has been extensive research related to the symptoms, causes and treatment of the disorder in attempts to restore normalcy to an affected individual’s life.

Different types of bipolar disorder exist, each with different patterns of symptoms. Bipolar I and Bipolar II exist, however the distinctions between the two are not always clear.   Bipolar I is more severe and can cause significant difficulty with jobs, school and relationships.   (Mayo Clinic 1).   Episodes of lows and highs are more severe and psychotic features may be present (Parker 25).   Bipolar II is less intense and can cause hypomania, which is a less severe form of mania.   This can produce symptoms such as elevated moods, irritability and some change in daily functioning (Mayo Clinic 2).   It does not include psychotic features and the periods of mania may be briefer.   Sometimes observable features may not...

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