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Birth Essay

  • Submitted by: angnptaady
  • on March 10, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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As I lay here numbly starring at the seemingly endless ocean of blue bedsheet before me, I

try to make some sence of the previous twelve hours. I was already one week past my due date

and my doctor had planned an induction for 7am this morning. Well, the induction didn't take. With

no progress since I had arrived, the doctors gave me two choices. Wait it out and see what

happens or just go for the c-section. After talking it over, my husband and I decided on the latter. I

think we were just too excited to wait. Our baby would make his entrance into this world via


Now the moments that followed all seem to run together in my mind. The consent forms

needed to be signed, my husband had to adorn the special blue scrubs for expectant fathers and I

needed to be on my way to the operating room.

Upon entering the operating room, I immediatly became aware of it's temperature.

Refridgerator cold. I am placed on my left side and told to hunch my back like a cat while the doctor

administers the spinal block with I would assume is a rather large needle. This process seems to

take longer than it should. Afterwords, I am strapped down at the wrist and numb from the ribs

down, a sensation I immediatly realize I am not fond of. To my right are rows of lights and buttons

on some kind of cart that has tubes coming out of it. I assume they are all connected to me. To my

left is my husband, Mr. Perma-grin himself, standing up to get a better view of the other side of the

ocean. Just past him are all the gadgets and gizmoes needed to measure weight and height. As

well as extra linens, blankets and the bassenette my son will be placed in. Just over my puffy blue

hairnet are the kindest green eyes I have ever seen. Maybe it is the drugs talking, but at this very

moment, he is my very best friend.

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