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birth order Essay

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Birth Order
            Children born first are more prone to succeed. They get higher grades and are driven by what they want.   Children who are born first have more pressure on them to be the best.
            I surveyed 100 Wayzata students who have younger siblings at home.   On the survey, I asked questions like: How many younger siblings do you have?   What is your grade point average?   Do you feel you do well in school?   Do you feel that you have to do well or your parents will no longer care about you?
            76% believed they are smarter than their younger siblings.   Which means 76 people out of the 100 kids I surveyed at Wayzata have more of a feeling of having to work hard and do well in school than their siblings do.
            My hypothesis was proven true to an extent.   A large amount of my surveyed children did in fact decide that they do better in school and have a higher intelligence level than that of their relatives.   This may not be completely accurate numbers though.   I can never be sure that they are not lying when filling out the survey.

Brandon Cogswell



Birth Order
            Birth order is the cause for much buzz these days.   Many scientists are asking themselves if birth order really does make a difference in the intelligence of a human being.   Most scientists say yes (Esping, par 1).   Most scientists believe that birth order plays a very significant role in the natural intelligence a person is bestowed with.   My hypothesis would agree with that.   The hypothesis is that all children that are born first are more driven and prone to do well in school and to succeed in life.   I chose to do this because I wanted to be able to have solid proof that the first born in a family is more likely to succeed in life.   Also, in past research, such as the study done by IU, Indiana University, it has been shown that birth order does actually matter.   I tried to prove...

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