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Black And Yellow Essay

  • Submitted by: taylorgang
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 415 words

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aj taylorgang

Propose: This video relates to the subject matter we are learning in class right now because we are learning about the judicial branch. We are also learning about jury service and how jurys play a important role in court.

  1. That when deciding a case the jury must come to a uniomous decision.
    2. All of the facts must be straight and everybody in the jury must know and understand these facts.
    3. If there is reasonable doubt you must vote not guilty.
    4. The court system is trusting the jury to make the right dicision.
    5. There has to be fairness inj the judicial process.

R.   1. This video has affacted my senses because it maked me relize a lot more things I have never seen or heard before. Yes I was very surprised due to the fact I never thought a movie could have such a huge inpact on my senses llike that.
        No this movie didnt conjure up an images I am familiar with because I have never gone thru such a thing before.
        I was not able to make any other connections with anything else.
O.   1. Jury service is a duty with great responablity and this service is not to be taken lightly.

W. 1. This information we have learned is very inportant because we know can say we know more about the jury system and how it works. This is a very great way to prepare ourselfs for jury service when we have to do it. Now when we go for jury service we will know what is expected of us and we can be able to care such a huge responabilty in the right matter.

N. 1. The best part of the movie is when that one man changed 11 different mens minds about the outcome of the case. I found this to be the best part because men are hard headed and dont listen so for one man to be able to change other mens minds about the verdict that is a very special and hard thing to do.
2. The worst part of the movie for me was the bathroom scene. I just didnt understand why the two men were trying to...

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