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Black History Persuasive Essay

  • Submitted by: programmrz
  • on February 8, 2012
  • Category: History
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Black History Month Persuasive Essay

Black history month   is the month of February when there is awareness of the history of African Americans and the suffering that the African Americans went through. many important people in the public voiced out their opinion on the matter, like Morgan Freeman, who stated that he did not want the Black History month to continue. Many other people features in a video clip also stated their differences, and whether it should continue. To get the public opinion on the matter, there were people who stood on streets who donned the sign “ Stop Black History month”. It was needless to say that the public did voiced their opinion. A scene in the video clip showed one of the people getting beat up by the public. Many opinions are out there . Which one to do you chose?

In my opinion, Black History Month is a waste of human thought, and should be abolished. Black History gives no type of moral support on the matter at hand   concerning African American rights. How does a month, dedicated to black Americans , help serve the public? In reality the month is only recognised by the school. Every one in this generation had a time when it was black history month and all we did was to color martin Luther King, or right an essay about           ”What Mr.Kings Dream Means to me” or something like that. If it meant something to the public, then it would be a month of July Fourths, where African Americans not only got their freedom, but grabbed it by the horns and ran.

All in all, the Black History Month this is out of proportion. if it were turned in to a day when we can all celebrate our accomplishments as a people, or to show our wrongs and made it right, then it could be a wonderful day. The month however, is like a mockery to African Americans and it is wrong. Black History Day, or none at all.

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