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blah Essay

  • Submitted by: moleman12
  • on December 16, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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World of Warcraft

Each and every one of the 11 million people that play wow have different experiences in the game. If you think your going to be fighting dragons right when you start playing the game, think again. You start off at level one, and depending on what race you chose to be, you will start off at a different starting area. Right after you make your first character and enter the world of warcraft there is a story that is told about the race you chose. Lets pretend you make a tauren warrior. When you arrive, there is a person in front of you that will give you a quest or task to do which in this case is “ The hunt begins”. for this quest you have to get 7 pieces of plain strider meat and 7 plain strider feathers. In case your wondering what a plain strider is, it is an ostrich-like bird creature shown in the picture.
Further into the game when you reach level 10, your character will get whats called a “talent point”. a talent point is a point you can spend on a special talent that sets you apart from other people and makes you more powerful based on what you put your point into. every time you level in World of Warcraft, you get one talent point. Depending on if you get the expansion packs or not you will get anywhere from 48 to 68 more talent points as you level. The talent point system is made up of a talent tree which you will see when you hit level 10.
Enough about what will happen and back to what already happened to many WoW players such as myself. I have a tauren druid. Druids can shape-shift into animal forms, and depending on what they need to do, they will shift into said form. There are a number of different forms based on what talents you choose. As of now, my druid is a balance druid which is the spell caster druid. The main form for this kind of   druid is called Moonkin. Although you can learn how to become a moonkin, this is not the first form you learn. The first ever form you learn is bear form shown in the picture to the left....

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  • Submitted by: moleman12
  • on December 16, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 584 words
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