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Blessing Essay

  • Submitted by: ccrrihigp5208
  • on February 17, 2009
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In the poem entitled “Blessing” by Imtiaz Dhaker, the title in this poem is able to emphasize the central theme; the poem explores a certain type of people, presumably an African tribe which can be deduced “From the huts” mentioned in the poem, who are in critical condition concerning the lack of water. It is clear that water is a shortage amongst their people and that its occasional presence in their lives serves as a blessing from God. It is evident in the poem that the Men, Woman and children are suffering in a drought, where the slightest “drip” of water is considered be the voice of a “kindly God”, of where it becomes clear that the poem is trying to convey how water is a primary element in life and blessing.
The speaker of the poem appears to be one of the people who are suffering, which can be assumed from the beginning of the poem, where the persona tries to “Imagine the drip” of water, the word ‘imagine’ in this line is what gives its strength in effectiveness, because here the persona is in such need and desperation for water that he is imagining how wonderful it is to have a bit of water, that even the smallest amounts of it as a “drip” would be the “voice of a kindly God”, or in other words, a gift from God in the form of a blessing, at which point   where we also see religious views being introduced into the poem.
The poem is structured into 4 different stanzas, where there is a noticeable increase in number of lines as we progress through the stanzas. I found this interesting, because a pattern could be noticed within the poem. In Stanza one, There is lack of water, with no sound being mentioned; whereas in stanza 2, there is a “small splash” of water, creating an ‘echo’, and this effect continues in stanza 3 and 4 where water becomes plentiful as a “sudden rush of fortune”, and the flow has found “a roar of...

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