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Blogs Essay

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Blogs are a powerful and inexpensive way for SSC to communicate with its customers regularly in an online format. Basically, a blog is a regularly-updated journal that is published online. Blogs can provide regular updates about the company, helpful articles and other posts that would be meaningful to SSC’s current and potential customers. Since the material can be delivered over the web, blogs are flexible enough to include content such as text, graphics, video and animation. Blogs can also be delivered using the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) format, which allows users to read blog posts similar to how they would read e-mail (Cromity, 2008). The combination of web-based and RSS delivery for blogs makes them highly accessible, because any device with a web browser or an RSS-enabled reader can view the content. Aside from accessibility, blogs are also simple to install and maintain.
Wordpress is a free, open-source blog application that can be installed on most web servers (Lawton, 2008). SSC can install Wordpress as a component of its existing site and can easily have a blog up and running within one or two days. Therefore, the cost of installing the blog is almost nothing and the blog can be maintained by current personnel at SSC without a large time commitment from any single individual. The main cost of the blog will be from the amount of time required to generate content for it, which can be distributed among various employees and divisions. Dividing the task of contributing will provide a variety of interesting posts for the blog, minimize the risk of redundancy and ensure that the blog is updated regularly. “By sharing blogging responsibility, the appropriate members of the association can manage the blogs, keeping the community informed about events while simultaneously keeping the website content updated” (Cromity, 2008, p. 33). Creating a blog will also help new customer find out about SSC by generating traffic from search engines.
“Each time...

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