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Blue Eyed Angel Essay

  • Submitted by: illphcyca212
  • on October 30, 2009
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Blue Eyed Angel

Time is ticking and the clock is nearly up for this little bundle. It’s the first day of May and the sun hasn’t been up for long as I lay, uncomfortably, on the paper covered table with goop on my tummy and an ill fitting, and faded out hospital gown. As Kaison continues to reside quietly beneath the bump of my belly, I begin to piece together what the nurses are rushing around and whispering quietly on the phones about. I wonder idly if Kaison can here the firm, yet soothing voice of the nurse speaking over him. I was told he could hear, while nestled in my abdomen, so I’d been having lengthy one way conversations with him for the past few weeks.
Just after 11:30am Kaison and I met face to face for the first time after an emergency c-section. I caught a piece of the conversation between nurses as they described the low amniotic fluid that lead to said surgery. He was squirmy and smelled a bit, but he was here. While Kaison was being bundled I began to wonder if this would be a glimpse of what to expect in the coming months.
Today he is twenty pounds heavier and still harboring a smell that could make your eyes water, Kaison sits beside me with his arms swinging like the wild little man he is and his sky blue eyes are glued to the TV which is playing his favorite Sponge Bob cartoon. It’s somewhat of a mystery where he gets those beautiful blue eyes; I venture to guess he inherited them from his very Irish Grandfather. And from his French-Italian side, a beautiful, soft, ivory skin that tans evenly in the sun. How nice it must be to have skin so pure, but it’s not perfect, oh no, nicked at birth by a scalpel just above his left ear.

That early May day, Kaison’s Grandmother who will play an important and loving role in his life, had to continuously repeat to me, “It will disappear Tanya, don’t worry, It will go away and shrink as he gets bigger.” As she carefully stroked his peach fuzz...

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