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Bob Essay

  • Submitted by: basha42.
  • on December 3, 2008
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Stop the Hate
While sitting at home and watching television, have you ever flipped though the channels and heard someone call some else a name that was so demeaning, or seen someone hurt another person for no good reason that you had to change the channel. In our country today there is far too much hate crime. At schools there are groups of kids that will make fun of other kids just because of what they were or because or a certain personal decision that aren’t socially acceptable. That’s where it all starts, and then it makes it ways into the streets where gangs and certain groups are formed. In the end, something needs to be done to enforce the hate crime legislation law in America.
In our country there is hundreds of people dieing everyday from hate crimes. The problem starts at a young age where kids begin to judge other kids for things that they do. In some places kids are born into it because the mother or father is apart of a certain group or gang. The problem with this is that if society doesn’t do anything about it, problems that have to do with hate crimes, like racism will never go away. Yet nothing has been done yet to really make a difference. Still everyday you hear things on the news about people dieing because some kid at their school got teased and in the end the kid ends up bringing a gun to school and kills as much people as he can before killing himself. Now, in some schools there are metal detectors that kids have to walk through. Something drastic must be done because if not, who knows how bad things could get in the future.
In our society today there are so many laws and rules the disobeyed everyday. When there is a rule put in front of someone they look at it as more of a guideline. When there is a law put in front of someone they look at it as a punishment and that’s where Americans biggest problem is. When a law or rule is out most people don’t look at what its trying to prevent, they look at it as it just trying to hold them back....

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