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Body Langage And Negociation Essay

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Below is an essay on "Body Langage And Negociation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


What depends on the sender: 40% - His/her elocution: the sound of his voice, vocal tones, vocal pitch, his rapid or monotonous delivery, how he articulates, is it clear and loud, the modulation… - His words: vocabulary, technical language - His charisma: shared interest, communicative enthusiasm, his capacity to capture attention and keep it - His style: a tie may provoke a reject, or a physical default, his ill favoured face, his neglected attitude, his personality What depends on the receiver: 40% - His/her capacity to be listening to: sustained attention - His understanding ability: language skills, vocabulary, semantics - His more or less open minded spirit - His cultural references - His interest for the subject - His background: how his personal life events echo with the speach? What depends on the environment: 20% - Noise: hubbub, road works, conference room in the nearby, the move of a chair, the buzz of a bee… - Your Neighbour: is joking, is raising a question or asking for a pen - Comfort: too hot, too cold, too far, bad sit, head just in front of you

II- Negotiation Negotiation is confrontation without violence Reds and Greens play role How to install trust: Listen, understand, show that you are interested in the other one’s objectives Be frank: demonstrate, respect your word, justify your point of view as much as you can (exchange of the written goals in the play role, in real life be as transparent as possible) Time management: don’t go too fast, take your time the first step is fundamental Don’t explain you are motivated: prove it, don’t oversell the offer : give precise details on the advantages Duration is essential (relationship background, track record, respect of the word on a long period) Create a climate (smile, organize a conviviality space) Background : reputation When an individual begins negotiating only with his objective in mind, without taking into account his interlocutor, which often leads nowhere, with no way...

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