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Boeing Essay

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Management Planning; Boeing
Matthew Bilancia
University of Phoenix
Management 330
Mr. David Clawson
October 20, 2008

Management Planning; Boeing
The establishment of a strong plan for a management team is essential to survival in today’s business environment. A prime example of how valuable the implementation of a strong plan for a management team is would be Boeing. Boeing has identified that it has no boundaries in its own business (Ansari, 1997). Ultimately, Boeing and its management team need to just decide whether they are going to compete on a national level, or on a global level. Identifying that its business goal is global competition is the first step in their planning process.   Boeing has showed that it will do what they can to lower its production cost and pass on those savings, adding profits to the company by having all management specify to its employees why safety is so important.   Proper planning is a must for management to be successful. Planning is needed so everyone knows there is a base, or structure, to allow for proper movement and growth of a company. Boeing has accomplished the establishment of such a base.   It has setup a strong plan within its management system, along with evaluating ethical issues that could be a hindrance to the company.
Boeing is anchored by a strong upper management team and that has put a strong emphasis on safety in the workplace. This is not just limited to physical safety, but also psychological safety (Anonymous, 1993). The management team believes this will allow for lower production costs by reducing the number of injuries in the workplace.   The effect would decrease the number of man-hours lost due to injury, and would lower annual workers’ compensation cost, thus making world-class safety a priority.   This all shows that Boeing is extremely concerned with the planning process and must believe that there’s an extreme...

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