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Book Report Of The Goal

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Discussion of The Link between Management and Science
Yanhui Tan
Abilene Christian University

      The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement provides insights into how science methods can be used to contribute to the management. This report will conclude the scientific methods that used to solve the manufacture problems. Also, this report will explain why and how management problems can be solved by scientific methods. At last, this book will try to find more examples that science is relates to management closely. Therefore, get insights into the link between science and management.

The Point of The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement:
This book is telling a story that how the plant manager Rogo changes the destiny of the plant with his team led by his previous physical professor Dr. Jonahs step by step. This story illustrates the process from they discovered the problems to solve the problems and think about the future in detail. Reviewing this process, this report summaries it into three steps that use scientific approach to solve management problems. First, is to analyze and to define the management problems with scientific methods. Second, using the Theory of Constraints to improve management. Third, is to provide insights into Socratic method to lead people to the solution of future problems.
Base on these three points above, this report summary this book is to provide an idea that management is a science that can solve problem with logical and scientific methods instead of depending on experience and complex theories only.   This is the main idea that provided by author and explained why a physical professor Dr. Jonahs as well as the author, Dr. Goldratt, a physicist can develop solution to management.
How scientific methods contributes to management
In the book, the analyze methods introduced by Dr. Jonahs and leading Rogo’s team explore to the solution of problems is classical scientific method. To get insights into scientific...

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