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book review

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Title - Internet Encyclopedia 2040
By - Hilke Maria Cornelius
Subject - Language Arts (Foreign Language), Internet, Other
Grade Level - 8 - 12
LESSON PLAN: Internet Encyclopedia 2040 "Beachtenswerte Leute" (Noteworthy People).


SUBJECT: German (or any target language)

DURATION: Five 45-minute class periods

DESCRIPTION: "Internet Encyclopedia 2040" asks students to project their lives to the year 2040. After oral vocabulary review and individual contemplation and planning, each student is assigned to write (in third person) an encyclopedia entry of his/her personal and professional accomplishments and contributions to the world during the last 40 years. After correcting the entries during peer and individual teacher-student meetings, students will enter the information and their current photos into an intranet document on a class/school computer. Students must correctly use general previously-learned vocabulary, specific vocabulary such as professions and family, correct sentence structure, and various tenses by focusing on the {narrative} past. (Since real photos and names are used, it is safer to keep this information within the school computer system, forego the actual internet, and make it an "intranet" project). Students will then be assigned a fellow student "noteworthy person" to research, hand-copy the information, translate the entry into English, and finally read the German (or target language) entry to the entire class before giving a summary of the information in English. The teacher adds "INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA 2040 - Beachtenswerte Leute" (or the target language equivalent of "NOTEWORTHY PEOPLE") above each entry, prints out the articles (which include the photos),separates each student's entry, and laminates each into a sturdy preserved large card. (Card sizes will vary according to length of students' biographical entries). Students are to try their best to save this card throughout the next 40 years, reading it...

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