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Book Review Chp 9 & 10

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Ali Davutoglu
MBA 296 - Reflection #4

In the book, Chapter Nine and Chapter Ten are under the third module; Leadership Issues.   Information Technology is particularly a difficult area to lead due to constant change in the technology.   Outsourcing in such dynamic environment must be done carefully or else the outcome will not be beneficial for both sides; customer organization and the IT supplier or vendor.   The chapter stresses about the difficulty of outsourcing alliances and relates them to economical and technological reasons.   Organization leaders, whether with IT background or not, must consider the constant change in world and expect to have adequate support from the vendor.   In order to provide adequate support, the vendor should also have enough capacity to support the customer. The chapter mentions, the few vendors, which could provide massive support and load data center outsourcing; Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Computer Sciences Corporation (CDC), Perot Systems, and IBM.  

The strategy of the organization is very important in the outsourcing alliances.   Many reasons such as financial, lack of IT Support or turnover of IT Support if I recall from previous chapters could lead the organization to consider IT Outsourcing.  
Today IT is a business, and separate operation that must be carefully organized, deployed, and maintained.   In order to benefit the best of IT, why not have an alliance that will provide the up-to-date services.   The outcome of having a reliable partner to provide information technology services could be very beneficial for the organizations.   From the point of management, it is “one less thing to worry”.   Who can blame them?   If we look at the IT world it is a fact that there is a nonstop change.   In order for an organization to provide best to its customers, providers and employees an efficient technology is a must.   An example from CSU, Sacramento; currently Information Technology department is in the process of testing the...

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