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Bouki Essay

  • Submitted by: niecy24
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: English
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Complete opposites, but like magnet they attract. Bouki and Rabbi were very different but still good friends. According to the folktale An Evening in Guanima under the stories “Bouki and Rabbi- the Sperrit House” and “The Master Trickster”; I drew many things about both characters personality.
In unison with the stories I was left with the impression that the friends resembled one another in some ways despite their differences. First of all both bouki and Rabbi was very lazy, this was noted in the story of the sperrit house when the book brought out that only way they would have gotten food is if they could of walked right up to it, put it in their mouth and swallow and they would consider this a safe game. Another way I was able to see their similarities was that they both had a love for food. This was shown in both the stories. Take for example where rabbi had taken his friend, they went to a feast in the sky that had so much food you would be eating it for at least nine days. Although the friends had things in common they were still different from each other.
Based on what I have read Rabbi’s personality was superior to that of Bouki’s.   He was intelligent, this was seen in the way he handled situation in both stories. Along with that Rabbi was also a thief and used his cleverness in plotting out the exact time, place and way he would get what he wanted, and this too would result in success. On no occasion could rabbi be tricked, in fact he became the Master Trickster being able to fool booth bouki and his son Borin.
On the other hand Bouki was a different story. My first out look on Bouki was that he was not smart at all and could easily have been fooled. This was proven in the ways he basically dealt with everything. Second, Bouki’s love of food was far greater than Rabbi’s. He was extremely greedy, a complete glutton. This cost him a lot. For instance he ended up being branded because he wanted the eggs Rabbi spoke about so much that he would have...

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  • Submitted by: niecy24
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 552 words
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