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Bowling for Columbine Essay

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  • on December 7, 2008
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Bowling For Columbine

“Rambo in Littleton, CO.”   Wouldn’t it be funny if that were truly the name of the next Sylvester Stallone feature film?   In a word, no.   The thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns that have risen from curiosity over the last 4 years are enough to make you sick to your stomach.   To think that the devious and selfless acts that were committed on April 20, 1999 were thought of by two high school boys who weren’t even old enough to smoke yet.   What drove them to this heinous act?   A need for attention, the selfish urge to be in a nation-wide spotlight, or the simple fear of life itself?
“If you recall your history, the Nazis came up with a 'final solution' to the Jewish problem: kill them all. Well in case you haven't figured it out yet, I say 'Kill mankind.' No one should survive."   This is quite a ridiculous statement from Eric Harris, one of the two shooters in the Columbine attacks.   It was from Eric’s journal that that statement was taken.   To me, it’s amazingly clear what was on the mind of the young and impressionable Harris, who later on in his journal stated that he had planned on eliminating everyone.   The unfortunate thing about Harris’ high level of instability is that he wasn’t any different from anyone else at Columbine High School.   He was there to get an education, not a death wish.   Did his inability to be diverse become the breaking point for this troubled teenager?   It’s apparent that his pent-up rage was building for a long time, but why didn’t anyone notice (Cullen)?
“I swear -- like I'm an outcast, and everyone is conspiring against me.”   Dylan Klebold, the second of the two teenage shooters, mentioned his discomfort about life in his personal journal as well.   Even though that quote was written by Klebold back in 1997, the deterioration of his moral became a huge focal point until the day he used a handgun to commit suicide.   Evidence across the years has shown that Klebold was a “follower” to Harris, yet the...

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