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Boxers Or Briefs Essay

  • Submitted by: halima83
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Boxers or Briefs
The debate to wear boxers or briefs has most certainly come to most people’s attention at one point or another. Women hear from their husbands, boyfriends, sons, and probably even read about it in magazine articles. For men of course it is one of the major personal topics they are concerned about. Some men have found their comfort in boxers and others in briefs, however some men have a daily conversation to themselves on what to wear. As a women writing an essay on this topic I had to dig for some information about it. We all know the basics about briefs and boxers, but do we all know the details?
First, lets talk about boxers. Boxers are loose underpants that are thigh length. They are usually made with cotton or any other comfortable material. Nowadays boxers come in many different prints and designs. Some are more formal with stripes or just plain, and others are wacky and trendy with wild designs and colors. They are specially designed with an elastic band (that usually has the designers logo on it) and open and loose fitted legs. Boxers don’t give men that much support due to the wide leg design. Most men wear them to be more relaxed in and have enough air flowage in that particular area. Some women may also wear boxers to lounge around in or as pajamas.
Next let’s talk about briefs. Briefs or as some people like to call them “Tighty-Wighties” are smaller and shorter than boxers. They also fit to the body of the wearer perfectly. Briefs are more similar in style to women’s underwear.   Usually, briefs are worn by younger children because they tend to be more snug, especially when kids are learning how to potty train. I recall my mom and younger brothers referring to them as “undies”. Men who wear briefs like them because they give them more support and a feel of confidence. There is an assorted collection of briefs in the market today. From the plain white with designer labels down to the Spider Man or Sponge Bob designs for the...

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