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Boxers Or Briefs Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Whether it’s the roomy comfort of boxers, the snug console of briefs or the happy medium of boxer briefs, men have different preferences for their choice of underwear.
      In an informal poll conducted on campus at Kent State, 27 out of 50 males said they wore boxers, while 21 more said boxer briefs. Only two males preferred regular briefs.
      Most males who chose boxers agreed they were less embarrassing to be caught wearing. There is a stigma attached to briefs, and for that reason many guys seem to shy away to maintain their “reputations.”
      Sophomore Erik Disterhof was in the minority of brief-wearers, saying that he switched back to them at the start of his senior year of high school because they were more comfortable than boxers.
      “Boxers are too constrictive and ride up your pants when you walk around,” said Disterhof. “It gets distracting. Briefs just feel better.”
      At the other end of the ring, sophomore Sean Ryan has preferred boxers since age 13 because they are more mainstream.
      “Tighty whiteys [briefs] were too restricting… and not stylish,” said Ryan when asked why he first chose boxers. “While changing for gym, everyone else wore boxers, so I switched to prevent getting picked on.”
      Both Ryan and Disterhof agreed that underwear preference does not say anything about one’s personality. However, according to Disterhof, some college students still carry on the middle school mindset regarding briefs.
      “There is still the mentality that ‘tighty whiteys’ are not cool, and whoever does not wear boxers is a loser,” said Disterhof.
      Ryan believes that everyone should wear what they prefer, but they should be prepared for the consequences of their decision.
      “There’s nothing wrong with wearing briefs if you're secure,” said Ryan. “But you're probably going to get crap for it. If you're ok with ‘tighty whitey’ jokes and wedgies, then go for it.”
      While Ryan and Disterhof don’t see a connection between...

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