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boy in the striped pyjamas Essay

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  • on September 16, 2009
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“A day in my life” By Mark Carroll

I get up, slowly, at around quarter past eight. The time varies depending on how close or how far away I’ve positioned my alarm clock. Everything feels so forced, and hectic, but never at weekends. The way my sheets feel so much more comfortable on a Monday morning really annoys me. Having a shower doesn’t help. It only relaxes me more and slows the process up more and why would I want to do that? Once dressed, I’ll grab a glass of orange juice and some cereal if there’s time. My appetite isn’t great in the morning; I’d be sick if I ate too much. If there’s time, my drink and I would then sink into the comfy recliner sofa in the living to watch a few minutes of “Good morning sports fans – Live” on Sky sports. It’s around about this time I start thinking football. Football. Nothing is better. Everything about its amazing, from gritty, mud caked clashes to poetic play-making skills. I am not a bad player myself. My cleats and I have been involved in the professional youth program for around two years now and it’s my ambition to play full time when I’m older. I enjoy this moment of the day, when I can relax, even if it’s only for a minute or two. It’s nice.

When I finally set off and prepare to make a fairly short journey to school. The process is dully repetitive, but easy. I rummage through my bag and check I’ve got everything I need, which I usually don’t, but the door’s already locked and my lazy-go instincts tell me I’ll manage without, which again, I usually don’t. Often I’ll hum as I walk; nothing particular, just something bouncy and light-hearted that I can pick up and remix where I feel necessary.

By now I’d be in the school grounds. From here, I unzip my raincoat which fits neatly into one of the several compartments my bag offers. None of my friends ever arrive at the same time as me, but more often than not the toilet always gets a visit as that orange juice catches up with me. A sound from above rings through...

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