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Brain Project Essay

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The clock was ticking! All the brain parts were assigned. It was time for the performance. “Medulla, clear your throat and get out there. It is supposed to be fun” – she heard this persistent voice in her head. “How long do you want them to wait for you? You are Medulla! You have connections to make! Get up and let everyone know how important you are” – the voice continued. “Do you really think that you’re the only one who is nervous in here?” – the voice would not stop. “So…take a deep breath. After all you regulate it! Don’t you?” She finally got up. The inner voice was gone.
What if I told you I was in this unordinary psychology class in which one day an interesting opportunity of becoming someone or something else arrived? Wouldn’t it interest you a bit? What if I revealed to you that I was supposed to be a part of this huge system, a system so sophisticatedly complex and extraordinary that it would probably take you a lifetime to master its every little function?   So, what if for as little as one hour, I could transform into only one but how significantly important unit of something as complex and phenomenal as the human brain?
I would like to share with you how this little experimental, in-class presentation on being something so essential and vital made me see how little we might know about everything that makes us human. The words I’m writing today are my recollection of this unforgettable Sunday class. I can only hope that they’ll serve as a medium to help me at least partially express the appreciation for the nature’s way of creating us- human beings. Learning my part of the brain and absorbing the knowledge about other ones passed to me from my colleagues helped me understand that they’re all connected together and dependent on each other in one way or another. In the maze of nervous system, every tiny structure, and every connection there is, makes each of them vital, and irreplaceable elements without which the functioning of a human body would not...

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