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Breakdown Of The Book Of Revelation Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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The Book of Revelation

Revelation is the act of revealing or disclosing something that was not before realized (7). A theological definition would be God’s disclosure of himself and his will to his creatures here on earth (7). The final book from the new testament of the Bible predominately discusses the apocalypse, the second coming of Christ, and the forces of good and evil as the worlds of Heaven, Earth, and Hell come together in a final confrontation . There are several key themes throughout the book that reoccur. Emphasis on the number seven, times of great tribulation on Earth, the “Lamb” that saves his people, and a new Earth to replace the old all combine to tell the tale of the final days on our planet. The Book was written using very intricate and unusual symbolic language which makes it very hard for people of the modern era to understand. Because of this, there are multiple outlooks on The Book that debate the philosophical meaning as compared to a more literal and religious view.
There are four major schools of interpretation which all break down The Book of Revelation in different ways. The Preterist view states that John the Apostle, the author of The Book, was unveiling events of his own time, and that it was only meaningful in the past and has no relevance to us now (1). The Historicist view sees The Book as a historical document from Christ’s first coming to his second, and beyond (1). They make sections of The Book fit with historical events (1). The Idealist view sees The Book as a message for the first century and deals with prophecies in the far future. It deals chiefly with principles that are always relevant in Christian experience (1). Finally, the Futurist view declares The Book to be a prophecy of events that have yet to come and that the revelation is still only a future fulfillment (1). Although these interpretations are all similar, they still do hold different opinions on The Book and its purpose which directly relate to...

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