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Breaking Dawn Essay

  • Submitted by: supastrjk
  • on December 11, 2008
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Right after Breaking Dawn was released, it became one of my favorite books. Having read the previous three in the serious, I feel Breaking Dawn ties up all the loose ends and finally draws the story of Edward and Bella to a close. However, this book has been receiving a high amount of criticism and harsh reviews and I felt a need to address these and make other people answer what exactly they expect from the final book in the series.
Bella's happily ever after is heart warming and tidy just like any other fairy tale you might enjoy from childhood, though with quite a bit more blood and sex. Many of the one star reviews this book has been getting, criticize the happy ending, the early marriage, and motherhood in place of a college education, among various other complaints. I'm suspecting these reviewers would be much happier with an independent Bella who marches off in her human form to get a Masters degree in Psychology before marrying Edward. Or heck, not marrying Edward at all, and eschewing the idea of something so base and demeaning as becoming a wife or parent. Though perhaps it's more the youth of the heroine that causes their lament.
    I however, like happy endings and am thrilled she gets to be a mother. Yes, gets to be a mother. Many people I spoke to who were in "Camp Jacob" expressed their reason: "Because she could have a family with Jacob". Well surprise, she had a family with Edward.
    Yes, Jacob imprints on Bella's daughter, but because imprinting on babies or children had previously been introduced in the series, I don't find this at all
unsettling. All this shouting about pedophilia is a little intense for what really happens. Jacob makes it clear that it isn't a sexual thing at all while the object of affection is still so young. Jacob imprinting on "Nessie" means they all stay a family, which is what Bella has been wanting all...

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