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Bride Comes To Yellow Sky Essay

  • Submitted by: jtsharp28
  • on December 6, 2011
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Joseph Sharp
English 1302

The Theme of Marriage in Crane’s “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”

Jack who is the main character of Stephen Crane’s “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”, rides on a train bound for his hometown. He is going to the town of Yellow Sky with his new bride which none of the town people know about. He is extremely anxious and nervous to arrive at Yellow Sky with his bride. He is worried because he is the town Marshal and he feels like he has betrayed his friends and fellow town people which, none of them have any idea about his new bride. “He felt like he had committed and extraordinary crime” (300).
The saloon in Yellow Sky named Weary Gentlemen saloon is the next set of events. A barkeeper, drummer, three Texans, and two Mexican sheep-herders were the only people in the saloon. All of a sudden a young man barges in with news of a man named Scratchy Wilson being drunk and on a rampage. The drummer who was new to the land asked question after question wanting to get every bit of knowledge about what was going to happen. After the barkeeper telling that Scratchy is going to be heavy on the trigger the drummer does not talk as much. The drummer is learning the ways of the west first hand and he is very anxious to know more. The barkeeper tells the drummer to get behind the bar because Scratchy has shot holes through the big door before. The author is giving the reader a lot of suspense here. The reader wondering what is going to happen next? What is Scratchy going to do? Next the barkeeper tells about Jack Potter he is the one who fights Scratchy and everyone is wishing he was there. “I wish Jack Potter was back from San Anton’,” said the barkeeper. “He shot Wilson up once-in the leg-and he would sail in a pull out the kinks in this thing.”(303).
The author then explains Scratchy Wilson given the reader the whole picture of him. His clothes were kind of a joke. The author wants us to think of Scratchy as kind of a funny character....

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