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The Building Of Eumachia Essay

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  • on December 7, 2008
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The building of Eumachia

The Eumachia Building, located opposite from the temple of Apollo and the basilica (1) was a public building donated and built at around 2BC by the priestess Eumachia for the political gain of her son Marcus Numistrius Fronto. The building Real purpose is seen as unknown But we can assume that the building was used for the selling or production of cloth due to a statue in the back of the building (2) devoted to Eumachia using the third source as a translation of what the statue said. Although woman did not have voting power in roman society, the building of Eumachia is a good example of how women could have significant influence in elections despite being unable to vote, It also displays roman elite classes relations with lower classes and industries, showing a strong symbiotic relationship between the two.

Despite there being evidence to present the use of the building devoted to the fullers guild, There is no evidence of fullers equipment or products in the building. This suggests the building having a more civic than economical use, In front of the forum are various decorative Doric columns(3), which further suggests Greek influence on Roman society, as well as a Porch area out the front which would have been elaborately decorated(4). Unfortunately most of the artworks and fittings that made the Eumachia building so elaborate were taken down by the Earthquake of 62 AD. Various statue bases (5) were also found supporting the idea of more possible statues being found inside the building, most likely devoted to the imperial cult

With the presentation of the Eumachia building as a civic building, It presents to us greater roman insight into politics and the social and economical status of the roman empire. The building displays the Romans as having ’excess’ being able to create public buildings such as this. Also the construction of public buildings like this one can easily collect favour from the voting citizen body of Pompeii,...

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