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Bullfrog Essay

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Media Flight Plan Parts I and II

Ryan Cunningham
Tim Esteban
Lindsay Kimura
Kyle Warren
Part 1
Situation Analysis (SWOT)
Internal Analysis
BullFrog was the first brand to promise all-day sun production.   Our current net sales are $24.8 M and we have around 3,170,000 users.   This means our users spend approximately $7.82 per year on BullFrog sun care products which is about one product per year.   We are currently spending $521.4 thousand, or 2.1% of current sales, on our advertising campaign which consists of spot television, network radio and national spot radio advertising.   Among these categories, we dominate national spot radio with 100% share of voice.   The spot television and national spot advertising media are dominated by Coppertone and Banana Boat with 79% and 92.56% share of voice respectively. 75.33% of Banana Boat users are located in highly populated counties, and users are more likely to be located in the Pacific, South West and South East marketing regions.   BullFrog users are 55.11% male and 44.86% female.   Women are 14% less likely to purchase BullFrog than the rest of the population, while men are 15% more likely to purchase BullFrog.   Among the 3170000 users of BullFrog, 1,983,000 (62.55%) have at least some college education.   2,023,000 (63.81%) of BullFrog users are between the ages of 18-24 and 35-54; these categories also represent age groups that are more likely to choose BullFrog products than the rest of the population.   BullFrog users tend to be professional/managerial workers who are employed full time and have an average household income greater than $40,000.   64.6% of BullFrog users are married and married people are 14% more likely to choose to use BullFrog compared to the rest of the population.   People who have 1-3 children in the household are on average 24.33% more likely to use BullFrog than people with no children or more than 3 children.   Over 95% of BullFrog users are white, and white people are 14% more...

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