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Bus Vs Auto Essay

  • Submitted by: paciotti
  • on December 5, 2011
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Musa   Gadzhikhanov
Eng 1111
Mrs. Leighty
Contrast Compare Essay

                            Traveling: Taking a plane versus taking a bus

Nowadays means of travel simplify life for many people. In old days people used to walk
or ride horses in order to survive or get to their destinations. Today you wake up and you
already know what time you have to leave house to catch a bus on a bus stops. We can get
from one part on a map to the very its end just by using planes, trains, buses or cars. Planes and
buses are the most popular ways to travel, but they are very different.
Flying around the world is so easy today. Travelers just have to go online to book a ticket
also you measure time, date,   chose a food you would like to have during a
flight, and if you book a ticket like a month earlier helps to save some money. Traveling
between cities there are even more easier because of trains.
I have traveled a lot by using each of them and I cannot say that either of them is my
favorite because too many pros and cons in those kinds of transportation. For example buses are
good when you travel on a short distance, because bus go on the road and it takes more time to
get to a destination. It was probably one of the most popular transportation back in the days. It is
still popular today among people from poor or middle class and for those who can’t afford plane
ticket. Buses are less comfortable because you keep body in the same position during the trip and
there is no toilet. Also unexpected developments my occur while taking a bus such as an accident
and so on.
The thing I don’t like about buses is bus stations. I have been using buses many times
in US and sometimes buses cannot go directly from one place to another, you have to change a
bus. Bus stations are dirty and you might meet too many different kinds of people. Some of them
are clean and smell good, but some are those people you don’t want to sit next to. I...

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