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Bus250 Week 4 Assignment Essay

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Is Vidding ethical express speech on the internet infrigement?   I feel it is infringement of intellectual property and the ethical expression of one's free speech.   One might say it is both when something is on the internet it is open for all to see not take as your own therefore copyright piracy is taking something and saying it is yours and it is not or without permission to use it as your own is an infrigment of someone intellectual property.   Where would one draw the line to one when using material found.   The first question one must ask them selves is this my creation?   If no!   As we have learned in our studies, when using someone else words it is plagerism.   You must reference where you found your material, this gives credits to the creator for the use of their work.   This should also apply to the internet vidds.   How different should a vid be from the original source to justify it no longer the same?   Well that is a point if you like the original source   "original" means something from which a copy is made, prototype. (Merrian-Webster (2004) 11th ed. Pg. 510).   A Vid is not going to be that much different.   There would have to be a (copyright) to keep others from making a prototype.   Where do one draw the line?   That is a good question.   This is why copyrights were invented to prevent others from stealing and protecting the original artist creation.   So, without analysizing one might start with copyrighting their creations on the internet.   Or having a direct linked in the internet to email the author for permission to expand on their creation.   In the event it is a copy the original author is entitled to a small royalties for the original pattern for the work.   It will be hard to do.   In other words it must be approved.   Vids will not be that much different.   Who knows after researching what other options might be available.   One orginal and many copies to improve on the original.   All Vids had a beginning and that creator should get the credit....

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