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Justin Welch
Ben and Jerry Case; Organization Development

Ben and Jerry’s is a very successful organization; the start of their business to their present day success is a great accomplishment, however Ben and Jerry themselves were not very well prepared for the vast development and demand that their ice cream business became. The structure of the company seems to not fulfill the need that is being demanded due to the steady increase of their sales and popularity in the industry.

1. In facilitating a leadership retreat and team building meeting. First I would start off with dialogue sessions, where there would be structured conversations in order to find out the problem areas, find a deeper understanding of where the issues are arising and how they can be lain out in a fashion that it would be easy to trouble shoot, problem solve and come up with realistic and agreeable solutions. How to do so; Identify and clarify the issue of focus, Reinforce that all group members are equal while in this dialogue, and each member of the group will take their turn expressing their opinions or view points on each topic discussed.   Then the focus would be to implement team building using four steps: 1. Establish and or clarify goals and objectives, 2. Determine and or clarify roles and responsibilities, 3. Establish and or clarify policies and procedures, 4. Improve interpersonal relations.

2. Their processes were very basic in the beginning before they became a very successful company, as they grew in their business unfortunately their processes remained fairly unchanged and the structure of their business is not at the same pace as their popularity and demand. They lack some of the fundamental processes in an effective way such as Evaluation or feedback.

3. For their organization I would choose the Matrix structure, which is a more complex structure because it maximizes both the strengths of the functional but also the divisional structures, their would be more...

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