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Business Communicatin Essay

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Role of Business Communication
Shyra Monkres
University of Phoenix

“The three basic purposes of communication are to inform, to request or persuade, and to build goodwill. In business, people communicate to plan products and services; hire, train, and motivate workers; coordinate manufacturing and delivery; persuade customers to buy; and billing.”(Locker, K. 2008). Business communication takes a crucial role in day to day activities in a supply chain warehousing employment. Communication is used in the ordering and receiving of parts in order to make intermediate and final parts and to keep the plant running. When people think of communication they tend to think verbal face to face, meetings, email, memos, phones and letters. In the supply chain business, communication is also a record keeping device to help keep track of parts. Several types of communication in this business include phones, fax machines, internet, intranet, e-mails, face to face, meetings, pagers, training manuals, employee handbooks, memos, and cell phones.
At the start of new position in the supply chain business, as with most employment, employees are given an employee handbook and training manuals. The employee handbook communicates important information to the employee about procedures, policies, and company information. The training manuals inform new employees on how things are done at the company. Along with these manuals, face to face training includes formal job knowledge and informal knowledge such as the location of the cafeteria.
On the job procedures, in the supply chain business, involve requesting parts from the warehouse, ordering parts from the vendors or other plant sites, inventory control, physical delivery of the parts, and many times returning of parts from the “clean rooms” or assembly lines back to the ware house. When an assembler is in need of a part they communicate it by...

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