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Business ethics Essay

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In our daily activities, it is not very difficult to find an ethical issue. The followings are likely most popular in Vietnam now, I think.
First, there is still the discrimination in recruiting. Some companies look for male only in their recruitment requirement, even for the very common position like general sales or admin (*). This will stop the females from applying to this job, in other words reducing their chance to earn for their living. The case may be solved when the authorities, i.e. Labour Union, make their full responsibilities in supervising and forcing penalties. Besides, the applicants who intend to work for this kind of company should be conscious and may have the right to be doubtful for a fair working environment there.
Second, there is a trend to use company’s resources for the private purpose. The employee uses the internet connection to log into Yahoo Messenger (YM) chatting with his friends or to search out-of-work information. A manager estimated that without company control, a staff may use 1.5 hours a day, making more than 30 days a year (*), for these activities, it is seriously waste of time and reduces his concentration into the works. Despite of the advantages which YM may bring to, many companies have set up a limited access for some departments, except the sales and marketing or other divisions having direct contacts with the customers. They also use the KPI system to evaluate their staff performance.
The last, but not least, is the advertisements on daily newspapers. The manufacturers or distributors advertise their products/ services as “world number one”, “the best”, “the top”, “excellent” or “non-comparable”. These words are strictly prohibited, but they still available on the publicity. Some features do not exist or have been changed in a product sold to the customers. Even the manufacturer has stated the phrase of reserving the rights to change them without...

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