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Business Ethics Simulation Essay

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Business Ethics Simulation
Information Security Law and Ethics SE575

Business Ethics Simulation

What should CEO Werner say to the Division Chiefs? Is the decision ethical?
Why or why not?
A lot of companies around the world and including many companies in the United States are doing business with China now-a-days.   The question on how do they get around the problem or Payoff to get business licenses in China? Surely this is not the way we do business here in the United States and ethical decisions made by senior officers in a corporation can impact their subordinates as they try to carry out their duties. Dealing with different countries and cultures can be difficult in the respect as they may deal and behave differently then we do but like the old saying goes “when in Rome, do as the Romans.” We are in their country and we must understand their way if we are to be successful. Foreign businessmen can give face by attending meetings, accepting invitations, providing suitable expensive gifts and showing sensitivity to Chinese culture. In contrast, entrepreneurs can lose face by insulting someone in public, refusing invitations and gifts or by behaving inappropriately, like losing their temper or crying -- acts that are seen as lack of self-control and weakness. Business outsiders can impress with their knowledge of local customs, acknowledging hierarchy, offering gifts, addressing people by their designation -- especially when dealing with state representatives -- and appreciating the food. Such awareness of cultural nuances illustrates respect and sincere interest. (Kermeliotis, 2011)
Though Payoffs are not our way of doing business here in the United States because it’s against our business ethics it is part of the way they do business in China, loyalty to the company can come into conflict with ethical decision making. This decision is not ethical but based on the fact that is best for the continued growth of the company, it is the best...

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