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Calpurnia As A Mother Essay

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Calpurnia is the main mother figure in the Finch household. She is responsible for the children and the upkeep of the home. She is very respected in her home and is considered family. Calpurnia is very honest and straightforward when she needs to be.

She takes care of Scout and Jem Finch and the house. She feels very comfortable with the Finches and she can be very strict when they do not follow her orders. She does her work in a happy yet serious way. Calpurnia says what she means without offending anyone. There are very little jobs available to her because of her race and she is considered a part of the Finch's family. She is proud to be the caretaker for the family and they all treat her with respect.

Calpurnia is the caretaker of the Finch's and she cares for them as if they were her own family. She is not concerned with becoming famous within in the town because family is the most important thing to her. In the book, it appears that Calpurnia lives a double life. She seems very well educated and polite with the Finch's as well as other white people of the town, but at home with her real family, she speaks and acts like them. She sometimes does not tell Scout and Jem certain things to protect them, but she is very honest when talking to and about people. Although she does get mad at the children, she is compassionate when she needs to be. She is very responsible when it comes to taking care of the household and looking after the children. She keeps the house presentable at all times and she makes sure that the children are staying out of trouble. Calpurnia has integrity because she does what is right even if she is not going to be thanked by people other than the Finch's.

While with the Finch's, she acts in two different ways; strict and loving. At her own home as well as the church. In chapter 12 when Calpurnia brought the children to her church, she shows her true personality. Lula is disrespecting the Finch's and Calpurnia by saying that Jem and...

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