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Can Laws Reform The Minds? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Can Laws Reform The Minds?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Legislation is used to govern a society and its members' behavior. But at the same time, does it perform the function on changing people's hearts and minds? To my knowledge, yes, it can, even if a bit difficult.

Human nature has two aspects, the positive one and the negative one. However, we cannot eliminate totally negative sides, such as sloth, greedy, lure and so on, and what we can and should do is trying our best to shunning the appearance of that. As a result, our hearts and minds can be defined as the choice of putting which side in human nature into presentation.

It is an over ideal situation that our nature can be reformed. Even if it can be, it should not be the accountability of laws, but the duty of education. One character of human determines almost all the relevant proceedings we do in daily life. The tolerance decides that we are willing to forgive our friends' mistake and we do not care the unwitting hurt of parents caused by excessive love. These matters are too enormous and trivial to work out laws to encourage the helpful ones or prohibit the detrimental ones. In addition, over strict constraint runs the risk of impinging personal freedom. Maybe we should turn to education, which can guide students and citizens what is right in this society. Otherwise, it do not decrease the difficulties and indoctrinating moral concepts directly will arouse antipathy of people who value the personal choice.

Nevertheless, the speaker makes an unfair assertion that what is in people's hearts and minds cannot be changed by laws. The moral norm in the society will influence our hearts and finally, make better aspect of human nature presenting. Actually, government does not need and cannot standardize all the things. It is more useful to solve a simple problem firstly than to complain and do nothing. For example, the government intended to enervate the selfishness in our minds, that is, people only think highly of their own immediate benefits. One...

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