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Can Teh Study Of Politics Be Scientific Essay

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Below is an essay on "Can Teh Study Of Politics Be Scientific" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

To define whether the study of Politics can be scientific or not we firstly have to identify what we actually mean by the words Politics and Science.
Politics is the processes and methods of gaining and maintaining support for public or common action. Although Politics is generally applied to governments, Politics is also observed in all human group interactions including cooperate, academic and religious. It is also social relations involving authorities and power and the study of government and other political units. Politics is also about us, how we make decisions in society, and who gets what, when and how. Politics is concerned, too, with the conflict of ideas and values, not only at the level of the local community or the nation but also internationally. More specifically, it has to do with who governs, who gets to decide, and how and why decisions that affect all of us are made.
Political science has many subfields, including: political theory and comparative politics in which we will be having a brief look at further in the essay.
Now to determine what we mean by Science. Science is often accepted as the best way to find out the truth about things. Science includes observation and making hypothesis and then tests the theory by doing experiments and testing that theory over and over again. Having tested the theory using various methods, the theory will then be more commonly known as a fact. However, science does not give absolute certainty as we can never predict what will happen in the future. While the theory is tested many times, the hypothesis is only true until falsified (Karl Popper), where new evidence and data might change our understanding.
What this essay is going to do is to try to determine whether Politics can be studied scientifically or not.
Political theory invites us to examine the nature of political life, the ends towards which society ought to be organised and the qualities required of good citizens and leaders. Public policy...

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