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Canadian Business Essay

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Canadian business

(A case study of the Spinmaster Limited in Canada)

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Reason for choosing spinmaster limited
The Canadian business spinmaster limited nature of the business has promoted the choice of it in such a discussion topic. It has very humble beginnings and has exceedingly grown into marvelous success through proper business activities.  
Historical background
Spinmaster Limited Company is a company whose origin is in Canada and operates in the area of manufacturing of toys.   Its popularity and innovative ideas has led to it success in the whole off the region of the North American continent. It has been able to compete favorably with other companies in the market within this region. It began back in the year 1994 as a result of a simple idea of three young citizens of Canada. It was all in the process of marketing a gift item which was referred to as the earth buddy. There were two close friends natives of the land of South Africa whose names were Anton Rabie and Ronnen Harary who from childhood camped together during summer. They happened to meet a friend, Ben Varadi in the University of Western Ontario.
It all began in the university where the two earliest friends began a business in college; a poster business kind of. After finishing college, the idea propagated into the life outside the college and they started looking for a new saleable product. The grandmother to Harary brought him a gift from Israel which was entirely a nylon stocking with a face of grass seed and dust from timber or wood. After watering the gift brought by the grandmother, the gifts sprout green hair on its f\surface. This was too amazing and the two decided to come up with similar products and begin selling to people as presents to be offered to mothers during mother’s day.
So out of their savings of $10000, they made 5000 copies of the same which they aspired to sell in the market. Later on Ben...

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