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Cancer: How It Changed My Life Essay

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  • on February 25, 2011
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Cancer:   How it Changed My Life

It happened three years ago. We were sitting in the quite room waiting for the doctor’s to come in and tell us something that none of us wanted to hear. My sister had just been diagnosed with cancer. A few days before I had arrived home from school and my life was changed in just a few moments. I walked through the front door into the kitchen where my mom and sister were waiting.
“You ready to tell her?” my mom asked my sister.
“Yeah,” answered my sister, “My hair is gonna fall out. I’m not going to have any hair.”
I had no idea what this meant or what was going on but I started to cry anyways. My mom explained to me that my sister would be getting chemo and that it will make her hair fall out. She never actually said my sister had cancer and I didn’t put it all together until the next morning in school. The rest of the day was a blur. There were times when I was able to focus in class, but there were also moments where I just couldn’t and I would start crying.
I was trying to listen to what the doctors were saying that day, but I couldn’t hear them. I didn’t want to hear them. It took everything in me not to cry. I was sick of crying.
After that day nothing mattered to me anymore. I gave up on everything. Most of all I gave up on myself. I stopped caring about school, I quit my job, and I stopped playing hockey. It was like this for a year and then, slowly but surely, things began to get better. My sister was pronounce “cured” and I couldn’t have been happier. I felt a kind of confidence in me, knowing that my sister was able to survive her cancer.
This newly found confidence in me took a drastic turn. Just 6 months after she was pronounced cancer-free, she relapsed. Her cancer had come back and it had spread
throughout her body. She has a 20 percent chance of surviving.
I try everyday to remain strong, for her sake, but inside of me isn’t strong at all. People are always saying how strong and courageous my sister...

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