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Carbon Dioxide Increase Essay

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Over years the amount of CO2 on earth has increased to a dramatic height. Studies shows that there has been a 400% increase over these last few years than from 2000-2005. Between the years 1990-1999 when there was only a .8% increase. But why? Why has the amount of CO2 increased so much these last few years?
Us as humans are the major source to the increase of CO2 in our economy. A few things at the very least that we do which causes such increases are our cumbustion of fossil fuels (gas, oil etc...), our electricity generation, and our transportation.   Eventually, if the amount of CO2 continues to increase, there will be a number of serious consequences and effects. Our biggest concern should be the effect the rise has on the climate and the idea that global warming will happen. Because of the climate change, we have and will have more sea-level rising. It's only evident that sea-level rise based on the melting of glaciers,   and the expansion of water because of the increasing climate.
Although it is too late to stop the climate change, we could definetly slow down the speed at which it comes. I agree completely that we should all together as well and individually help prevent global warming and the increase of CO2. First things first, changes begins in the home, Use recycled paper, take shoter showers, shop locally, only use the dishwasher when it is full, plant a tree, put on a sweater. There is an endless amount of things we should do to help prevent global warming from coming sooner than it should.





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