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The Case for a Creator Essay

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The movie is about how Lee Strobel first became an atheist and then after he had facts that were presented to him how he tried to use science to prove whether or not God existed after his wife accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and he saw a positive change in her life.  

In 1953 at the University of Chicago, Stanley Miller tried to demonstrate how life on earth first emerged.   He attempted to recreate the earth’s atmosphere and prove that God didn’t create anything and that the life that is here on earth came from nature and started as single celled organisms.   This experiment would help to atheism and Darwinism.   This experiment is also what helped Lee Strobel become an atheist.   When Strobel’s wife became a Christian and he saw the change in her life, he decided that he was going investigate the scientific evidence that would prove that God didn’t exist, but so after he became a Christian and he was trying to use the scientific evidence that would prove that God did exist.   His search spanned 20 years and it began with the examination of evidence that challenged materialistic theory of life’s origin.   In the 1960s Stanley Miller’s experiment was discredited.  

Strobel concluded materialistic explanations for the origin of life is deeply flawed.   He also learned of the weakness in the most celebrated icon of Darwinism, the tree of life.   The most damaging blow to Darwin’s theory is the fossil record.   The Cambrian Explosion didn’t help Darwin’s theory and discredited it because it showed that life hadn’t evolved over time.   Darwin’s tree of life theory doesn’t exist in the fossil record.   The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation was the seemingly rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals around 530 million years ago.   This was accompanied by a major diversification of other organisms.  

Albert Einstein concluded that the universe was static but expands and contracts.   Kalam Cosmological Argument has three important points.   The...

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