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Case study ABC company

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            Case Study:   ABC Company

University of Phoenix
James Shaner

Case Study:   ABC Company

For a company to operate in a successful and profitable manner, it must have employees that are well trained with experience in the positions that they have been assigned.   This is not the case with ABC Company and the appointing of Carl Robins as the new campus recruiter.   His inexperience with training at his current position is the reason for the problem that he is encountering.   This case study is an example of where things can go wrong, when one is appointed to a position that one lacks the experience and training to handle the tasks that’s involved, inevitably resulting in the financial losses endured by the company, due to poor planning, lack of communication and responsible parties are not accepting the responsibilities for the possible failure of the task at hand.  
Setting up a plan would help him out immensely.   Having a plan would allow Carl Robins to manage his time wisely and effectively.   In an article written by Susan M. Hatfield, a management and organization development consultant who specializes in human resources, issues and in management development to create forward thinking in your workplaces. Susan is also a professional facilitator, speaker, trainer, and writer. She wroteBy utilizing these steps, Carl Robins would have the ability to gather all the necessary documents and paperwork in a timely manner from the new hires. In order to finalize what is required from his supervisor for the orientation on June 15. He would not be panic-stricken if he had set out a plan to allocate his time wisely and effectively to complete the procedures before Jun 15.   This would also allow him a lot of time to make sure that the training rooms needed for the orientation is reserved, and it will not interfere with other departments and...

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